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"2023 Masters of
the Southwest"

Phoenix H+G
March 2023

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"Design Icon"

Sources for Design Magazine

Winter 2024


"Luxe Interior + Design Gold List 2024 Honoree"

Luxe Interiors + Design



"To ensure the dwelling stands the test of time, Rodgers notes that the “structure works with a number of design styles” in the event that, as the couple grows together, their Spanish Colonial-leaning tastes change. But so far, the pair couldn’t be happier in their dream home, beloved by them, their family, and social circle, as well as their many furry and feathered friends."

- Liz Arnold, Luxe Interiors + Design

"Pet Project"

Luxe Interiors + Design

Winter 2023


"When we moved in, we had just returned from a trip to Bali,” recalls Rodgers, interior designer and Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner. “I had fallen in love with the tropical, casual feel evoked by the mountains, the ocean, the views and the kind, thoughtful people we met. I knew this breezy, natural style would be perfect for our new house on the lake—our ‘Casa de Lago’."

- Carly Scholl, Phoenix H + G

"Bali-Inspired Retreat"

Phoenix H+G

August + September 2023

Phoenix Home + Garden April + May 2023

"Inspired by the husband and wife's travels and their efforts to downsize, Rodgers created an interior wonderland of timeless finishes, bold color combinations, modern influences, and eclectic furnishings."

- Carly Scholl, Phoenix H+G

"Classic, Cosmopolitan Tailored"

Phoenix H+G
April + May 2023

WBRI - Wrigley Article.png

"Garden of the Year"

Phoenix H+G
November 2022

" Wendy really listened to me and made the house functional for a family with lots of animals and teenagers. The house has held up beautifully all these years and still looks new. Nothing is dated. She was able to use a lot of the furniture that I already owned and found other pieces that fit my budget. She also was able to place my existing artwork and family photos in the perfect places. I was so happy with my project that I had her update my property in Newport Beach, which required even sturdier furniture and careful consideration of the harsh salt air.

     Recently, I hired Wendy for the Wrigley Mansion, which demands commercial grade products that look and feel like home. Every time she completes a project there, I love it so much that I find another space for her to work on! "

- Jamie Hormel, Owner of  Wrigley Mansion

"Through all of our projects, Wendy has been the most professional designer/ contractor I have ever worked with. She is a good listener, as well as a good communicator. She is personable, extremely organized, imaginative, and thinks 'outside the box' when necessary. Her being an expert in AutoCAD was helpful in planning and communicating what was needed to the various contractors."

- Robert Menzies, Chairman of the Board Aberdeen Carolina &

Western Railway Company

WBRI - Veranda Article.png

"Historic Train"

October 2022

WBRI - Phoenix Home and Garden - Above the Fold.png

"Lux Laundry Rooms"

Phoenix H+G

December 2022

"Wendy's style and designs are timeless. I perceive her design style as modern luxury with a homage to the past. Any guest that walked our two projects upon completion fell in love with the light fixtures and the tile and wall paper. The best compliment anyone in our industry can get is when someone says, "I want to move into this house." and we heard it by everyone that stepped inside."

- Daniel Paredes, Project Manager for Schultz Development Corp.


"Kitchen & Baths"

Phoenix H+G
September 2022

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"Special Feature"

Southwest Style Magazine
Spring 2022

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"Top Design"

Phoenix H+G
Top Design Sources 2019


"Lakefront Living"

Phoenix H+G
May 2018

BridesRoom PH&G July 2018-1.jpg

"Iconic Inspiration"

Phoenix H+G
August 2018

"Closet Envy"

AZ – Lifestyle
October 2015

"Center Stage"

AZ – Lifestyle
August 2015

"The Art of Outdoor Living"

AZ – Lifestyle
May 2015

"Beauty Sleep"

AZ – Lifestyle
January 2015

"Rooms We Love"

Phoenix Home & Garden
Design Arizona 2014

"Houzz Unveils 2013'
Best of Houzz' Winners" 2013

"Decorate Your Life"

Phoenix Home + Garden
September 2012

"15 Ways to Make Your Home Speak Spanish" 2012


Phoenix Home + Garden
September 2012


Reeves Paperhangings Inc.
November 2012

"Peak Perfection"

Phoenix Home + Garden
November 2011

"Best Kitchen Ideas"

Phoenix Home + Garden
May 2011

"French Flair"

Phoenix Home + Garden
December 2010


Phoenix Home + Garden
November 2010

"Gathering Place"

Phoenix Home + Garden
May 2010

"Celebrating the Season"

Phoenix Home + Garden
December 2006

"Old World Elegance"

Phoenix Home + Garden
November 2006

"Elegant Hotels of Europe"

December 1994

"International Hotel 
& Resort Design"

September 1992

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February 14, 2011

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June 21, 2010

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January 17, 2011

Cool House on FOX 10 Arizona

April 19, 2010

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